World of Tanks Hack Tool

Hacks And Cheats For WOT

How To Connect To Hack Tool

World of Tanks Hack tool has five tabs, but connect tab is absolutely most important tab of the tool. The reason is that all other tabs require connection with game server before they can apply various cheats and hacks for the game. The procedure for using all tabs in World of Tanks Hack tool is following: first you need to use Connect tab and establish secured connection with game server. After that you can switch to other tab and activate hacks or cheats you want. Using Connect tab is therefore most important part of using World of Tanks Hack tool. But the process is in fact very simple and easy. First you need to choose game platform for the game, between PC and Xbox. After that you can enter your game ID or game username in empty text field. Next step is activating additional safety features. There are three of them. First one is Use proxy option which should in general be activated if you are using this tool in USA, UK, Germany, Holland, France and other western European countries. Second feature is fast mode which can be used only under special conditions which will be discussed later. Last and most important safety feature is safe mode, which should be used when you want to use gold hack or credits hack. Click on connect tab and wait for connection to be established before proceeding to other tabs of WOT Hack tool.

How To Use Gold Hack Generator

World Of Tanks Gold hack generator is clearly most important tab in WOT Hack tool. The reason is simple. As you know gold is premium currency in World of Tanks game. This means that gold is used for some very important items which are very hard or impossible to obtain by any other way. Unlike most of the games which use premium currency, World of Tanks is fair when it comes to gold earnings, and it gives some other ways to earn free gold. However, these other methods demand much time and patience, sometimes also luck. World of tanks Gold Hack can help you to get as much gold as you need. This is clearly the easiest way to earn world of tanks free gold in the game. You can later use the gold for several important features in the game. First and most purchased feature with gold is premium account. Premium account allows you to get additional 50% bonus on game credits and experience gained in battle, among other things. However, you don’t need to spend your gold for premium account because World of Tanks Cheats tool has another tab designed especially for enabling premium account lasting up to a year! But you can use gold for many other things in game, including buying premium tanks which have elite status and can earn you more resources in battle. Another useful thing you can buy with gold is premium ammo which have special penetration bonus. In fact, clan wars in WOT are almost 100% fought with premium ammo equipped. More excellent additions for you which require gold are premium consumable items. Some more interesting features accessed with World of Tanks Hack tool are permanent camouflage patterns, as opposed to temporary camouflage patterns bought with silver (or game credits, which are in-game currency). Of course, there are more things you need gold to buy. Expanding your garage and barracks can be done only by spending gold. Some more interesting features requiring gold are converting experience to free experience and converting gold to credits (although the rate of 1 gold for 400 credits is not so great so people usually don’t do this). Lastly, creating a clan is a feature which can be achieved only with gold. When we look at all the features requiring gold, it is easy to understand the importance of World of Tanks Gold hack tab. Using World of Tanks Hack tool is actually very easy. All you need to do is selecting the amount of free gold you wish to add to your account. You can choose 3000, 4500, 6500, 9000, 20000 or incredible 40.000 gold to add to gaming account! Of course, we assume you already used connect tab and connected properly to game server. For using World of Tanks Gold Hack tab, you need to take maximum precautions in connect tab. You should activate Use proxy option, and absolutely use safe mode instead fast mode. But with properly set connect mode, using this tab is completely safe. Just choose desired amount of gold, press “Add gold” button and wait until you get the message that gold is successfully added. Then you can move on to using other tabs. If your game was running in background, you need to log again in order to receive free gold from World of Tanks Hacks tool.

How To Use Credit Generator tab

Credits are second currency in the game. They can be earned in battle, and that is why they are called in-game currency. They have a bit different purpose than gold, but are nevertheless important. In game you can use credits (or silver as players call them) for buying new tanks and crew. You also buy equipment and ammunition, although it is regular ammunition, not the special one bought with gold. Unlike the gold which can be bought only with real money, credits, or silver, are earned in game, but that doesn’t mean this currency is easy to get. If the battle goes wrong, at the end it might turn out that you lost more credits for repairs and ammo, than you earned in battle. That is why World of Tanks Hack tool comes also with credit generator tab, for adding credits to your gaming account. It is used just like WOT gold hack tab. That means you use World of Tanks credit generator tab by selecting desired amount of credits and after that, pressing “Add credits” button. Offered choices for amount of credits are 10k, 50k, 250k, and 500k, 1 million and 10 million credits. Just as for all other tabs, you need to use connect tab to establish secured connection with game server before using World of Tanks Credit generator hack tab.

How To Use World of Tanks Cheats Tool

Cheats tab in WOT Hack tool is very interesting tab. Cheats from this tab are used mostly during battle and can really help you in dominating on battlefield. All of them are very powerful and require maximum safety precautions activated in connect tab before you start Cheats tab. To choose and activate desired cheats, just click on the empty box next to their name. You can choose any combination or number of cheats to activate simultaneously. World of Tanks cheats tab has 12 different cheats. Some of them are really famous cheats, like aimbot for helping with your aim on the battlefield. Of course, we also included wallhack for discovering the enemies hiding behind walls and other obstacles. Wallhack is especially useful in close combat maps. No reload enables fast shooting with very fast reload time (less than 1 second reloads). Speed hack is especially important for heavy tanks because it gives them the speed and maneuverability of lighter tanks. Double damage turns your ordinary ammunition to extremely powerful. More useful World of Tanks Cheats are Double experience which speaks for itself, and together with add 1000 experience hack you can level really fast in the game. Radar hack reveals all enemies on the map, but invisible mod makes you totally invisible for all other enemies. Unlimited ammo is best used together with double damage and no reload hack. No recoil also helps with aiming, and unlock all vehicles is extra powerful hack for unlocking all vehicles of selected country in game. All hacks come with their own command prompt which can be opened from within a game so they can be turned on and off at will.

Free WOT Premium Generator Tab

Premium account is most wanted feature in World of tanks. Premium account can be bought for limited time only, and it can last from 1 day up to 1 year. While your account has premium status, you gain multiple bonuses, but players most often use premium account for getting double experience and double silver (or credits) from battles, enabling them to level really fast and to get more in-game currency in short time. Usually premium account is bought with gold, but in World of Tanks Hack tool we have special premium generator tab especially for this purpose. It is easy to use World of Tanks premium generator tab. It is used exactly like connect tab with some additions. This means that this is the only tab in World of Tanks Hack tool which doesn’t require previous use of Connect tab in order to work. It has its own connect tab implemented. You need to choose duration of premium account, then enter your game ID and select additional safety measures just like in connect tab. We advise to activate safe mode if you want to activate longer duration of premium account, while for premium account which lasts 30 days, you don’t need any additional security measures.

How To Download World Of Tanks Hacks Tool

You just need to click on download button below and read the instructions. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to download. User manual can also be found on that page. Enjoy!